Extendicare Cobourg

How we help enrich lives

If we are going to help our residents live better, then it is our responsibility to offer them every opportunity to be actively engaged and involved. At Extendicare Cobourg, we provide social and recreational services seven days a week - including holidays. These services are designed to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our residents. All activities are developed, organized and led by qualified staff and we offer both group and individualized services to meet residents’ unique needs and circumstances. Examples of our recreational services and activities include:

  • Music and Memory: Through our Music and Memory program, residents living with dementia can have their own personal playlist loaded on an i-pod and listen with earphones to their favourite music. Young people from the 4Life Foundation work with residents and family members to create playlists for residents participating in the program.
  • Montessori Program: Our Montessori Program helps residents living with dementia connect with things and activities from their past. The Behavioural Support Team learns as much as they can about the residents past from friends and family and then tailors activities to their past history. It helps them to feel needed or useful and can help reduce and control responsive behaviours.
  • Walk and Roll: Our weekly Walk and Roll Program takes residents on walks around our Sensory Garden during warm weather and then indoors during winter.
  • Live Entertainment: Two or three times a week we enjoy live entertainment featuring a variety of performers from the community.
  • Sensory Garden: Residents enjoy spending time in our Sensory Garden which features plants and flowers selected for their fragrance and/or texture.
  • Music Therapy: Twice a month, our Certified Music Therapist connects with residents through chimes and drumming exercises. Each member of the group has a bell or drum that he or she plays when prompted. Working together they perform a piece of music.
  • Pet Therapy: At least once a month the St. John’s Ambulance Pet therapy dogs pay us a visit to spend time with residents.
  • Pub Night: We host a once-a-month pub night where residents get together to socialize and enjoy a beverage or two.
  • Tea and Chat: Tea and Chat happens daily where residents enjoy a cup of tea and snacks together.
  • Current Events Group: Residents have a Current Events Group that meets regularly to discuss the issue of the day and talk about the headlines in the newspaper.
  • Fluff and Fold: Fluff and Fold is a daily routine enjoyed by many residents where they sit together and fold towels, washcloths, linens, napkins and other textured items used daily in the home.
  • Gardening Group: Our Gardening Group allows residents to give their green thumbs a workout in the butterfly garden.
  • Elvis Impersonator Concert: Our annual Elvis Impersonator Concert is a big hit with residents every summer.
  • Exotic Animal Visitors: Every quarter, we have visitors from the Exotic Animal Zoo.
  • Movie Night: Movie Night, complete with popcorn is a regular staple.
  • Travelogue Evenings: We have regular Travelogue Evenings where guests come in to talk about their travels and show slides from the places they’ve visited.
  • Intergenerational Program: In our Intergenerational Program, elementary and high school students come to our home to play games, sign songs read books and more with residents. Even the most reclusive residents enjoy being able to interact with them.
  • Seated Exercise Programs: We also hold daily, seated exercise programs that focus on balance, strength and range of motion.
  • Monthly Birthday Bash: We always have a Monthly Birthday Bash complete with cake, candles, cards and a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday to You!”

We also offer a wide range of physiotherapy, cognitive, speech and occupational therapies according to the needs of our residents. Currently we offer:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Music Therapist